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Help My Shelf About Us

Out of frustration and necessity, they developed an easy solution for people who want to make a quick cosmetic update to their wire shelves. “When I show someone Help MyShelf, I receive comments like: ‘Why didn’t I think of that’, ‘Brilliant Idea’, ‘It’s so simple’ and ‘It just snaps over the wire shelves? Genius, “says Help MyShelf co-developer, Jeff Hansel. “Those comments are my motivation to share this product with as many people as possible. I have quickly learned that most people really dislike wire shelves, and that our product is an easy affordable solution to solving that problem.” What do we want most at Help MyShelf? We want your neighbor, friend or visiting family member to say, “Wow that looks awesome!”

“My wife got aggravated with our wire shelving in the pantry. I looked for options to upgrade our pantry without hiring a contractor and ripping everything out. Once I found there was nothing like this on the market, we worked to create a solution that would make wire shelves look and function better.”

Jeff Hansel, Help MyShelf Founder

Made in the USA

We are proud to say that the "Help My Shelf" wire shelf cover system was invented and is manufacturer in the United State of America.
Because Help MyShelf parts are connected without screws or tape, our manufacturing partner had to have the capability to do both injection molding and extrusion molding in the same facility, which is very difficult to find. After an exhaustive search, found the prefect manufacturing company located in Southeast Iowa.
Made in the USA

Company Founders

Help My Shelf Jeff
Jeff Hansel, Co-Founder
No relation to Gretel of Hansel and Gretel, but Jeff has lived a storybook life. Jeff is a results oriented business executive with more than 25 years of experience designing, developing and executing marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies. Jeff is also the inventor of our patented Help My Shelf system. In his spare time he enjoys coaching youth sports, spending time with his family and smoking an occasional cigar. He is now dedicating his life to covering every wire shelf on Earth with Help MyShelf.
Help My Shelf Jimmy
Jim Cashion, Co-Founder
Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Jim brings 4th generation Florida flavor to our Florida-based company. He’s an analytical guy who believes numbers never lie. He’s done the math and come to the conclusion that Help MyShelf is simply an amazing product at an astoundingly low price. How impressed was he? Well, he jumped in and became a Help MyShelf founding partner. On any given weeknight or weekend you can probably find Jim going to or coming from his kids’ soccer practices or games.