Easiest Garage Storage Tips

If you’re looking to add some organization to the messiest area in your home, look no further than just outside of it: Your garage. While the garage gets a bit of a pass from the average concerns of your home’s interior, as it is not living space, that isn’t a total exemption from clutter; in…read more

Pros and Cons of Wire Shelving

When considering whether to install or keep your current wire shelving, it is smart to look at the pros and cons of wire shelving in general to know its typical strengths and weaknesses. Today, we’ll cover some of these and, in so doing, show you the true value of our wire shelf covers! The Pros…read more

Keeping Track of the Food in Your Pantry

When we think about it, there are probably thousands of effective ways to keep track of the food in your pantry. If you’re tired of throwing away English muffins that went forgotten by everything but a fresh layer of mold, then maybe you should look into some sort of pantry and grocery tracking system. Our…read more

Tips for Spacing Your Pantry Shelves

When you take a look in your pantry, do you notice that the things on the top shelf are basically inaccessible, while the middle shelves feature varying amount of huge gaps between them or are full of stacked items that touch the shelf above? Today, our team will share some space-oriented pantry shelving ideas. Space-Saving…read more

Cooking Appliances in Your Pantry

If you’re looking for pantry shelving ideas, there are few that will serve you better than a well-placed appliance in your pantry. Today, we’ll cover when to consider a pantry appliance, as well as which barriers may take this option off the table (or shelf, rather) for your home. Placing Appliances in Your Pantry While…read more

Why Most Things Aren’t Made in the USA

If you’ve ever wondered why you don’t see “Made in the USA” very often, the answers are far more simple, yet much more complex, than you might imagine. While it is easy to just offhandedly think of this as a bad (or good) thing, morality has much, much less to do with it than simple…read more

Tips for Installing Wire Shelves

If you’re looking to update, redesign, convert, or create a closet in your home, then you’ll need to install shelving at some point. Today, we’ll cover some useful tips as you take on the task of installing your wire shelves, including how to make them look amazing from day one with our wire shelf covers!…read more

Lighting Up Pantries & Closets

As you’re looking into pantry organization ideas, including our wire shelf covers, it may be a good time to also brighten up your home’s closets and pantries with some new lighting. Whether you’re looking to tweak your lighting or start from scratch, we have some helpful tips that can make your pantry lighting top-notch. Planning…read more

Easy-Access Spice Storage Options

At Help My Shelf, we’re all about collecting and sharing the best pantry storage ideas. If you’re an avid home cook, then you no doubt have a host of dried spices to sort through every time you cook something flavorful (which is always). Optimizing your spice storage will do wonders for your sanity and maybe…read more

Linen Closets Done Right

Most linen closets in US homes feature the same white wire shelves, for better or worse. If you’re looking to install a linen closet or spruce up your tired, old one, read on for some helpful suggestions from the house guests and hosts at Help MyShelf. Creating a Guest-Worthy Linen Closet There are a few…read more