Open your Help MyShelf™ kit and remove the contents. We make part identification and installation easy by including pictures and descriptions of each part on the installation instruction sheet provided. Also provided in the Help MyShelf kit are a saw, tape measure and a saw guide. Using these tools, you’ll be able to easily install your wire shelf covers in less than one hour. Remove all contents from your wire shelves. This process will probably take longer than the Help MyShelf installation itself!


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Download PDF Instructions

Step 1: Measure
Measure and record the length and width of your wire shelves. Use the measured length to mark a cut line on each piece of Decorative Front Cover. and give them a new updated, attractive appearance!

Step 2: Cut

Place the Decorative Front Cover inside the Saw Guide, allowing the Decorative Front Cover to lay face up and level inside the Saw Guide.
The Saw Guide will help hold the Decorative Front Cover in place while cutting. Using the Saw provided, saw through the Decorative Front Cover. Repeat this process until all Decorative Front Covers have been cut to the desired lengths of your wire shelves.

Step 3: Insert Attachment Clips

Insert the Attachment Clips to the back channel of the Decorative Front Cover. Lay the Decorative Front Cover on a flat surface with the back channel facing up.
Start on one end of the Decorative Front Cover and place the wings of the Attachment Clip along the bottom of lips of the channel, then, using two fingers, gently press the Attachment Clip upwards, locking the Attachment Clip into place. Repeat this task every 12 to 18 inches until you have evenly installed Attachment Clips into the back channel of the Decorative Front Cover. Replicate the process until all Decorative Front Covers have Attachment Clips evenly locked into place. Please note, you do not need to have Attachment Clips within 6 inches of either end of the Decorative Front Cover.

Step 4: Attach Front Covers

Start at the top shelf and place the Decorative Front Cover (with the Attachment Clips already locked into channels on the reverse side of the Decorative Front Cover) above the front bar of the wire shelf.

Make sure the Attachment Clips are positioned to fit between the bars of the wire shelves. This is easy to do by simply feeling resistance with your fingers as you affix the Decorative Front Cover. If the Attachment Clips meet resistance and are not aligned correctly, simply slide the Attachment Clip either direction using light pressure until they align correctly. Once aligned, slide the Decorative Front Cover down onto the front bars of the wire shelf, locking the Attachment Clips over the bars and into place. Please press firmly down on the Decorative Front Cover to ensure all Attachment Clips are locked into place and the Decorative Front Cover is level and fits snuggly over your existing wire shelves. Repeat this process until all shelves have been completed If you choose to dress up the Decorative Front Cover, you can attach the Style Cap to the center of the Decorative Front Cover by firmly pressing down until locking into place.

Step 5: Insert Liner

Help MyShelf’s™ insert liners are universal and are shipped to accommodate either 12” or 16” shelf depths. If your shelf depth is 16”, simply unfold the packaged insert and place the shelf liner on top of the wire shelf. If your shelf depth is 12”, simply unfold the shelf insert and using household scissors cut a slit in the seam. Then using both hands pull apart the two pieces and place the 12” section on top of your wire shelf. Slide the Help MyShelf Shelf Liner between the top lip of the Decorative Front Cover and the top bar of the wire shelve. This gives your shelf the sturdy foundation to securely store your items on your shelve. Repeat this process until all shelves are finished. Restack your new, beautiful wire shelves, transformed in less than an hour with Help MyShelf.