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Help MyShelf has been designed to fit all sizes and models of wire shelves. Help MyShelf kits are universal to fit both shelf depths of 12 & 16 inches, and can be easily modified using the installation tools included to fit your exact shelf dimensions.

Ordering Details:

  • 1 Piece Kit – Contains 1- 60” Decorative Front Cover, 4 Attachment Clips, 1 Style Cap  & 1Universal (12”/16”) Shelf Liner –  $24.99
  • 3 Piece Kit – Contains 3 – 60” Decorative Front Covers, 12 Attachment Clips, 3 Style Caps  & 3 Universal (12”/16”) Shelf Liners, plus installation tools  – $79.99
  • 4 Piece Kit – Contains 4 – 60” Decorative Front Covers, 16 Attachment Clips, 4 Style Caps  & 4 Universal (12”/16”) Shelf Liners, plus installation tools  – $99.99
  • 5 Piece Kit – Contains 5 – 60” Decorative Front Covers, 20 Attachment Clips, 5 Style Caps  & 5 Universal (12”/16”) Shelf Liners, plus installation tools  – $119.99

See how easy Help MyShelf is to install and transform your wire shelves – Installation Videos here.

If you have questions or need help, please call 855.857.9602


How To Order


Help MyShelf™ includes everything you need to transform your wire shelves quickly and easily. Our wire shelf covers’ decorative front plate attaches and locks onto all sizes and models of wire shelves for a custom crafted appearance. Help MyShelf™ also includes a heavy-duty shelf liner that locks into the decorative front cover to provide a secure, flat surface for storage on what was once your unusable wire shelves.

Each kit of wire shelf covers includes:

  • Decorative Front Covers
  • Shelf Liners
  • Style Caps
  • Specially Engineered Attachment Clips
  • 1 Saw*
  • 1 Saw Guide*
  • 1 – 60” Tape Measure*.
  • *Not included in the $24.99 kit.
  • Color: White.

Download Installation Instructions

Need help?

Please give us a call at 1-855-857-9602

Additional information

Choose Your Self Size

1 Peice Kit ($24.99), 3 Piece Kit ($79.99), 4 Piece Kit ($99.99), 5 Piece Kit ($119.99)

5 reviews for Help My Shelf Kit

  1. Kim

    I wanted to re do the wire shelving in our kitchen pantry but was shocked at the cost of new shelving. I saw Help My Self in a catalog and installed them on three walls with 5 shelves on each wall. It took about an hour or so for my husband to complete (and he is slow at stuff like this) and it looks like we have a new pantry.

  2. Cathy Jon

    It took a little time to measure and cut each piece but it was worth it. The saw isn’t fantastic but it works for cutting the front edge piece and just a pair of scissors cuts the actual sheet that lays across your shelf. Measure twice, cut once! I would buy again.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Product looks very nice! Extremely easy to install. Help My Shelf has excellect customer service. Responded quickly to questions I had about the product. This is a wonderful alternative for a built-in look. I recently received quotes on white built-in shelves in my closets. Help my shelf will save you hundreds of dollars if you are trying to achieve this look in your home. Great product and great service.

  4. V. Britton

    Stuff in my Pantry was constantly falling over on my wire shelves. Not only did this product solve that problem for me but now my cabinet looks nice. I honestly didn’t thinks I would care about the looks of my pantry shelving. However now that I have had this, when I visit people with bare wire shelves it just kind of jumps out at me.

  5. MelGon

    For anyone like me who really dislikes those wire shelves (particularly in the pantry) these are the best! It really dresses up your pantry and in fact a friend of mine thought a designer fixed my pantry. The shelf covering is sturdy and of course prevents that pesky problem of things falling through the slots. Overall, a great, relatively inexpensive way to ‘fix’ your wire shelf problem.

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