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How-to Install a Wire Shelf Cover and Liner System

Use this guide to learn how-to install the a HelpMyShelf wire shelf cover and liner kits. Our kits are designed to be easy enough for anyone to install. You can also download a PDF version of our installation guide here.

Step 1: Measure Shelves

Measure and record the length and width (depth) of your wire shelves. Use the measured length to mark a cut line on the decorative front cover. If your shelf is 12” deep, you can fold and remove the additional 4” of the universal shelf liner.

Measure Wire Shelf

Step 2: Cut Covers & Liners

Place the decorative from cover inside the saw guide, allowing the cover to lay face up and level inside the guide. Align the cut mark that you made with the cut groove of the saw guide. Using the saw provided, saw through the decorative front cover. Repeat steps one and two for all of your shelves.

Next, cut the width of the shelf liner using a standard household scissor.

Please Note! we recommend cutting the width of the decorative front cover and shelf liner 1/4 to 1/2 inch less then the full measured width of your shelf.

Cut Wire Shelf Cover

Step 3: Attach Clips

Lay the decorative front cover on a flat surface with the back channel facing up. Insert the attachment clips into the back channel of the front cover. Start on one end of the cover and place the wings of the attachment clip into the back channel. Then, firmly press the attachment clip upwards into the back channel, locking the clip into place.

Add one attachment clip for every 12 to 18 inches of length. Please note that you do not need attachment clips within 6 inches of each end of the front cover.

Attach Clips to Shelf Cover

Step 4: Mount Cover on Shelf

Starting with the top shelf, place attachment clips on the back of the decorative front coverable the front bar of the wire shelf. Make sure the attachment clips are positioned between the bars of the wire shelf so they can slide over the top bar of the shelf. If the clips meet resistance, they are not aligned correctly. To correct this, simply slide attachment clips in either direction to adjust.

When properly aligned, the cover will slide down onto the front bar of the shelf. Press down to ensure the cover is locked into place.

Optionally, you can snap a style cap onto the front of the front cover to add more style to your shelf or to cover the seam between two front covers (for large shelves that require more than one front cover).

Attach Shelf Cover to Wire Shelf

Step 5: Mount Cover on Shelf

Place the shelf liner on top of your wire shelf. Slide the front of the liner between the top lip of the decorative front cover and the top bar of the wire shelf. The liner gives your shelf a sturdy foundation to secure items without them tipping over.

Install Wire Shelf Liner

System Parts

The Help MyShelf system includes the following parts.

wire shelf cover system parts

  • Attachment Clips - easily slide onto the decorative front covers.
  • Decorative Front Covers - cut to an exact fit using the saw and guide provided.
  • Style Caps - can be used to hide seams when combining more than one front cover and / or used a a decorative accessory.
  • Shelf Liner - our universal shelf liners work with 12" or 16" deep shelves.

Universal Shelf Liner

12 inch / 16 inch Wire Shelf Cover Liner

The shelf liners that are included with this kit are 60 inches long and fit standard 12" or 16" deep shelves. We make a crease in the liners at the 12 inch mark (noted with the red arrow) so that they can be used out of the box with 16" shelves or pulled apart to fit 12" deep shelves.

Universal Depth Wire Shelf Cover Liner

The above pictures shows liner separated at the crease. This can be done by folding the panel back and forth a few times and pulling it apart.

Installation Tools

The following installation tools are included with our kits.

Wire Shelf Liner Installation Tools

If you have any questions, please contact us.