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Wire Shelf Cover and Liner Video Demo

HelpMyShelf wire shelf cover and liner kits are designed to be easy enough for anyone to install. Watch the below demo video to see a complete kitchen pantry installation and style transformation.

Installation Videos

Customers can use the below videos as a step-by-step installation guide. If you prefer, we also have our installation guide located here that uses pictures instead of videos.

What's in the Box?

This video shows what is included in the box with our 5 shelf kit.

Step 1: Measure Your Shelves

Step one for installation is to measure the width of your existing wire shelves. Using a tape measure like the one provided in your kit, measure the length and depth of the existing wire shelves to ensure the wire shelving covers fit properly.

Step 2: Cut Shelf Covers

Cut the decorative front cover using the saw and saw guide provided in the Help MyShelf kit. Mark a cut line on the decorative front cover using the measured length. Then, place the decorative front cover into the saw guide so that the cover lays face-up. Match the cut line with the existing indention in the saw guide for an adequate cut at the perfect length.

Step 3: Insert Mounting Clips

Insert handy attachment clips to the tracks hidden inside the “back channel” of the decorative front covers you have just cut to size in step two. The instructional video is very helpful for this step.

Step 4: Install Decorative Front Cover

Attach your decorative front covers to your existing wire shelves. Start with the top shelf and work your way down, snapping each front cover into place. Make sure to align the attachment clips already attached to the back channel of the front cover with the spaces between the wires on the shelf. If they are not aligned, slide the attachment clips until they are in the right position. Press firmly to lock the decorative front cover onto the top of the front wire of the shelf. Attach the style cap to the front cover and move on to the next shelf.

Step 5: Install Shelf Liner

In this final step, you will measure, trim, and insert the wire shelf cover liner. Lay one shelf liner on a flat surface and measure to make sure the liner fits the exact dimensions of your shelf. Measure the liner to match the initial depth (width) measurement taken and mark the shelf liner to the desired width. If applicable, trim the shelf liner. Insert the shelf liner onto the wire shelf and repeat this step for each shelf and, there you have it! This liner provides the sturdy, flat surface to store all your goods in a neat and organized manner.

If you have any questions, please contact us.