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Are you tired of the stored items in your pantry and closets tipping over and falling through the cracks of your wire shelves? Help MyShelf™ wire shelf covers are the ultimate solution for transforming the wire shelving in your home from cluttered and chaotic to organized and secure.

Take Your Wire Shelves to the Next Level with Wire Shelving Covers

Wire shelves are a common feature in most American households because they are versatile and cost-effective. While their affordability is on point, wire rack shelves on their own are not the most efficient means for storage; the irregular surfaces of wire racks creates an unstable storage surface that allows items to tip over easily and fall through the cracks between wires. With a Help MyShelf kit, you can easily upgrade any size or style of wire shelves or wire racks with our covers for wire shelves in a snap. Unlike wooden shelves that are expensive and often require the skill of a professional contractor for installation, Help MyShelf covers are incredibly affordable and easy to install—so easy, in fact, that anyone can install the covers in less than an hour! Just imagine, with a Help MyShelf wire cover installation, you will have an organized and attractive pantry, shelf, or closet, while also gaining peace of mind in knowing your stored items will not topple over onto each other in a domino effect, which creates a huge mess that will take time and energy to clean and reorganize until it happens again next time. Watch this video to see how a Help MyShelf kit can transform the storage areas in your home:  


Here’s What’s Included in a Help MyShelf Kit:

As we mentioned, Help MyShelf wire shelf covers are specifically designed to fit snugly and securely on all sizes and styles of wire shelves in your home, office, or place of business. Help MyShelf liners are universal and designed to fit two standard shelf depths: 12 inches and 16 inches. For those shelves with different depth measurements, the shelf liners can be easily modified using the installation tools provided, so that the entire shelving cover system fits your exact shelf dimensions. Help MyShelf kits come in four varieties:

  • 1-Piece Kit, $24.99: Includes 1 – 60 inch decorative front cover, 4 attachment clips, 1 style cap, 1 universal (12 inch or 16 inch) shelf liner. Installation tools not included in this kit.
  • 3-Piece Kit, $79.99: Contains 3 – 60 inch decorative front covers, 12 attachment clips, 3 style caps, 3 universal (12 inch or 16 inch) shelf liners, and installation tools.
  • 4-Piece Kits, $99.99: Includes 4 – 60 inch decorative front covers, 16 attachment clips, 4 style caps, 4 universal (12 inch or 16 inch) shelf liners, plus the necessary installation tools.
  • 5-Piece Kits, $119.99: Consists of 5 – 60 inch decorative front covers, 20 attachment clips, 5 style caps, 5 universal (12 inch or 16 inch) shelf liners, plus installation tools.
  • Installation Tools: Your Help MyShelf kit includes 1 saw, 1 saw guide, and 1 – 60 inch tape measure.
  • Color Choice: Shelf cover kits are available in class white.


Have questions? Please give our friendly support staff a call at (855) 857-9602.



How to Order Your Help MyShelf Kit:

Ordering your Help Myshelf kit is quick and simple. Follow these three easy steps when placing an order:

  • Step 1: Grab a tape measure and measure your existing shelves for exact length and depth measurements. Remember, our standard shelving kits fit 12 and 16 inch shelf depths, so for larger sizes, please call our knowledgeable support team at (855) 857-9602 and we will assist you with your order over the phone.
  • Step 2: Click here to place your order and track your package via Generally, your kit takes two days to process and an additional three to seven business days for shipping. View our shipping and return policy here.
  • Step 3: Unpack your kit and install your Help MyShelf wire shelf cover system!


Have questions? Please give our friendly support staff a call at (855) 857-9602 or contact us by clicking here.

Our Comprehensive Guide to Wire Shelving:

Now that you have placed your order for the most effective wire shelf storage solution, you can install your wire shelf cover system. Once you’ve finished installing the covers, read this comprehensive wire shelving guide to learn helpful storage and organization tips for all of the storage areas in your home. But why stop there? Keep reading to learn about the many uses for wire shelf covers not only in the home, but anywhere there is a wire shelf system! Also, make sure to follow the Help MyShelf blog for updates about covers for wire shelves, to learn a plethora of storage tips, to get handy advice for organizing, and so much more. Click here to read our recent blog posts on all things storage and organization.

Quick and Easy Installation

First things first: Installation. Once you’ve received your Help MyShelf wire shelving covers, you can begin transforming your inefficient wire-based storage spaces into functional and attractive shelves with smooth, stable surfaces. Installation is quick, easy, and can be completed in less than an hour. Before you begin the installation process, lay out all of your materials and tools on a flat surface for easy access. Watch this Help MyShelf installation demonstration video before following the five easy installation steps below.


Follow these five installation steps with accompanying instructional videos:

  • Step 1: Using a tape measure like the one provided in your kit, measure the length and depth of the existing wire shelves to ensure the wire shelving covers fit properly.   


  • Step 2: Cut the decorative front cover using the saw and saw guide provided in the Help MyShelf kit. Mark a cut line on the decorative front cover using the measured length. Then, place the decorative front cover into the saw guide so that the cover lays face-up. Match the cut line with the existing indention in the saw guide for an adequate cut at the perfect length.


  • Step 3: Insert handy attachment clips to the tracks hidden inside the “back channel” of the decorative front covers you have just cut to size in step two. The instructional video is very helpful for this step.


  • Step 4: Attach your decorative front covers to your existing wire shelves. Start with the top shelf and work your way down, snapping each front cover into place. Make sure to align the attachment clips already attached to the back channel of the front cover with the spaces between the wires on the shelf. If they are not aligned, slide the attachment clips until they are in the right position. Press firmly to lock the decorative front cover onto the top of the front wire of the shelf. Attach the style cap to the front cover and move on to the next shelf. Repeat this process until all of the front covers are locked into place on each of the wire shelves.


  • Step 5: In this final step, you will measure, trim, and insert the wire shelf cover liner. Lay one shelf liner on a flat surface and measure to make sure the liner fits the exact dimensions of your shelf. Measure the liner to match the initial depth (width) measurement taken and mark the shelf liner to the desired width. If applicable, trim the shelf liner. Insert the shelf liner onto the wire shelf and repeat this step for each shelf and, there you have it! This liner provides the sturdy, flat surface to store all your goods in a neat and organized manner.    


Download the Help MyShelf wire shelving covers installation guide by clicking here.

Click here to read customer testimonials to learn how easy a Help MyShelf wire shelving cover installation really is!




Uses for Wire Shelving Covers

While it may seem that wire shelves are only found in the kitchen pantry for storing spices and non-refrigerated foods, this is simply not the case. In fact, wire shelving is the most common type of shelving found in rooms all throughout households across America and beyond. Oftentimes, wire shelves are pre-installed by a contractor or have been added by a homeowner, so chances are, when you move into a home, there will already be existing wire shelves. If you plan on installing wire shelves in your home to increase storage space, read this blog to learn helpful tips for installing wire shelves. What’s more, wire shelves are often utilized for storage in a wide variety of places outside of the home in offices, restaurants, shops, spas, and classrooms, to name a few. Therefore, wire shelf covers are crucial for improving the efficiency, stability, and storage capacity of all wire shelf systems. Here are a few of the best uses for wire shelf covers:

Pantry Storage Shelving

Wire shelves are the most common type of shelving found in both walk-in pantries and closet pantries. By implementing wire shelving covers into your pantry shelving, all of those small and odd-shaped items won’t topple over as easily as they would without the shelf covers. Additionally, installing wire shelf covers in a pantry can increase storage space by 15 percent because every inch of space can be used for storage once the shelf liner covers up the spaces between wires. For instance, how many times have you used some spices and then put them back onto the wire shelf, only to have them tip over, knocking over other items in the process? With a wire shelf cover, you won’t have to worry about that happening as frequently as you would without the shelf liner. For some excellent pantry storage solutions and to learn how installing wire shelf covers significantly improves pantry storage, click on these links to read parts one, two, and three of our recent blog series.

Wire Shelves in Closets

Other common places where you’ll find wire shelving is in linen closets, bathroom closets, bedroom closets, and more. Wire shelves are easily installed in these smaller spaces, and much more affordable than wood. Adding shelf covers to wire shelves in closets can greatly improve the storage capacity while creating a flat, stable surface to place items on. This comes in handy for smaller bathroom items and toiletries such as medicines and hair and body products. What’s more, a wire shelf cover system makes a bedroom or linen closet look neat, clean, and organized because there aren’t odds and ends from clothing and other fabrics hanging between the spaces in wire shelves. Additionally, the decorative front covers included in a Help MyShelf kit add a touch of style and smoothness to each wire shelf for a streamlined appearance. Want to learn how to optimize the storage in your linen closet? Click here to read our recent blog outlining some of our favorite tips for organizing your linen closet.    

Laundry Room Shelving   

One of the most common storage systems found in most laundry rooms is wire shelving both inside of closets and on the walls above the washer and dryer. Because laundry rooms can get cluttered quickly with a variety of items, a good way to minimize clutter and mess is by implementing wire shelf covers. Not only do the shelf liners provide a smooth, flat surface to store laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, small items, and all the other products we keep in our laundry rooms, the decorative covers improve the overall appearance of the shelving with a clean look. To learn some excellent laundry room storage tips, read part one and part two of our recent blog series.


If you have any questions about the uses for wire shelf covers, call our friendly support staff at (855) 857-9602 or contact us by clicking here.

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